Size: 6″ x 4″
Software: Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6
Photography: Mike Chhay
Printer: Prisma Graphic
Year: 2015
Seeing is Believing is a perfect-bound booklet made using anamorphic typography, which in my definition means that it is typography that requires the viewer to view the message from a certain perspective in order for it to be recognized. As written in my book, the purpose of it is “to view two sides of a subject and aims to provoke thought about inherited and unwavering beliefs.” It also aims for one to think realistically. In the book, I have defined a ‘demon’ as the shadow within oneself. The views in this book are from 26 year-old me.

After manual configuration and testing, Photoshop was used to automate a process that would divide the composition into panels ready to be printed on paper and folded. Once the paper was folded in an accordion-style manner, the paper contained two different distinct messages on the same side of the sheet with each message being visible from a certain angle. The messages were photographed and placed into InDesign to lay out the book and to add a short note to each image. The book was printed and bound with the help from the great people at Prisma Graphic. Red foil finish was added to the typography on the front and back cover.

Thanks to Jarred Elrod for making this project possible.