Software: Adobe Illustrator
Year: 2016-2020
Notes: Extra logos created that are either currently used, alternate versions, or unused concepts.

The red door logo is a subtle concept with the inside of the ‘D’ representing a slightly open door.

The Van Vleck firm decided to use a different version, although this one makes a great monogram combining two ‘V’ letters in one.

Susan Solomon College Counseling is being used by an individual tutor. the design uses Helvetica and is a simple icon of the bridge they have requested.

STARKORE seems to be unused but the client was very happy with the silhouette design and even commissioned a second logo.

Atomic Telephony wanted a 60’s inspired logo and they ultimate decided to use this one along with another version of the logo. The company is closed.

Jerod Ward is a former basketball player and is currently a TEDx & Motivational Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Coach and College Basketball Analyst for networks including ESPN, Fox Sports and Spectrum Sports. The logo underwent a couple rounds of revision and ultimately went in the direction of a signature style logo.

Andromeda of the Dark was an online alternative clothing store. The request was to have a woman being grabbed by a tentacle in space. Although we generally deny logo requests with such abstract descriptions, it was one I decided to proceed with.