hello world

I'm just an old chinese man really. I've got a BA in Graphic Design from ASU and like to play video games and go to concerts. I have 3 cats and one doggo! Recently, I've been playing around with AI as well. I used to draw and paint stuff but I feel like I never have time or the focus to do traditional art anymore. I have a girlfriend of 5 years and we live together. Anyway, here's some stuff I've done:

Designed a t-shirt worn by tens of thousands of students
Made logos for local businesses that use it as their store-front
Started a facebook page that gained over 8,000 followers in 5 mo.
Designed and delivered hundreds of logos for businesses
Built dozens of responsive sites for companies across the world
Logos features on the GoDaddy design gallery
Created brands, flyers, posters, business cards, books, etc.
Refreshed food menus and created display menus for restaurants 
Designed a handful of tattoo commissions that have gotten it
Set up an online store and actually ship out orders (this is new)
Prompted over 15,000 images using Midjourney and DALL-E
Collaborated with other content creators to promote content
Generated several animations with AI using Runway and Pikalabs

What I'm looking to do this year:
Connect with more cool and creative people 
Make more album covers for bands
Grow my page to 30k
Go to Japan
Finish a lot of video games
Work out more
Dye my hair again
Try new things and go to new places
etc etc.

there's always more stuff to add to my portfolio.
thanks for lookin'

last updated 1/31/24