Platform: WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon
Year: 2023 – Ongoing
Notes: cursejourney is a project that I’ve started in August 2023 which is essentially content creation via AI images portraying the supernatural, gods, demons, monsters, and anything in-between. The inspiration to start cursejourney was after posting cursed vintage-looking images that looked very real but made with AI (midjourney) with the caption ‘photos i found in the basement’. These posts have gained thousands of likes and shares.

Cursejourney has become a project that I am actively focused on and is the main source of my AI art portfolio. I have designed the logo (with sepia hover effect on the site) and a responsive website for it with a working WooCommerce store and several orders fulfilled. It features a minimalistic navigation (very similar to this portfolio site that I’ve made) as well as a video gallery. The main gallery is a filtered gallery displaying various images in random order while specific parts (image sets) are ordered sequentially and are further categorized via filter to show the main image set and bonus images or both. Breaking up the image sets into separate parts is to reduce load times as each part can contain over 100 images. Other image sets and a fan section which will display tattoos, merch, commissions, and other cursejourney related media will be created in the future with plans to provide more ways for custom AI commissions.

Social media following has increased organically by 8,000 within 5 months. Facebook reach for the last few months of 2023 was on average half a million unique accounts without any ad-spending. Social media graphics and posts incorporate graphic design elements from time to time.

Cursejourney has become an inspiration and source for album covers, tattoos, art, stories, and even apparel for others. There are even monthly supporters on Patreon who receive extra images and other bonuses for being members. The depiction of supernatural, demonic, and macabre themes with a mix of different image sets appeal to a wide range of audiences.

4″ x 6″ photo prints are currently offered in the online store. Select 11″ x 17″ prints and larger sizes will be offered in the shop by utilizing AI upscaling techniques to increase the resolution without loss of quality. Other images will be offered via print-on-demand services to provide more options in imagery, sizes, and material.