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Work from Arizona State University, the Visual Communication Design program, and freelance.
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25 | Student| Arizona

Handsome Chinaboy

Mike Chhay is a tall, asian man, who after attaining his Associate's Degree from Glendale Community College in Arizona decided to pursue Graphic Design at Arizona State University. He is currently in his Junior school year and has worked freelance and for the university to design anything from magazines to business cards, posters, t-shirts, banners, and logos.

He also created this responsive website (which means that it works nicely on the phone and not just on computers). He also wrote this bio in third-person. He's pretty great. He is in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Hannah, and she's not even Asian.

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Area of Expertise


Starting with the name, I come up with several sketches to connect the name with the logo. These sketches are typographical and graphical. After coming up with a great logo for the brand, we make different colors of it and determine the color scheme of the brand. We also make sure that it also looks perfect in black and white, on small products such as business cards, and large products such as billboards. We then incorporate your slogan or come up with one if lacking one. We design your business system (cards, letterhead, envelope) and any other marketing materials desired.


Want some t-shirt designs? An interactive pdf booklet? Informational flyers? A bunch of cool icons? Or maybe a book or brochure? I've done it all. Well not all, but most things. Sticking with the communication guidelines that you have (if you have any at all), I can come up with posters and stuff. They will look great, I promise. Just tell me what you want it to say and I'll make it look nice.

Web Design

Websites and the way we view them (on phones, tablets, computers) constantly change. I try to keep up with the way web pages are able to be designed and coded. We can create websites with fancy image sliders and rollover effects without it looking like a MySpace page from 2004. Even simple, basic websites don't have to look crappy. I have created a variety of websites and have experience in HTML, CSS, hosting, domain management, content management systems, and software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. I also know some PHP, Javascript, and all that other stuff that lets us make websites look so nice.


Experienced in concept sketching, detail drawings, abstract painting and anything in-between allows me to be more creative and versatile. I'm like Picasso, except that I'm not Spanish, dead, or famous. I wish I was famous. Anyway, I can sketch and draw things so we can see our ideas on paper real quick before moving forward and making anything a real thing. I take pride when it comes to my own artwork, I'm very self-critical and spend a lot of time to make something look nice.

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